Ad Manager for Independent Magazines

Introducing Ad Sellers new Best Friend

Easily Manage & Sell your magazines Ad inventory

Sell your ad inventory

Kickadss enables independent magazines to sell both their display and print ads from the same platform.

The magazines can let their advertisers easily create and purchase ad campaigns directly from the magazines website.


Manage your advertisers

With Kickadss ad sellers can keep up to date on their advertisers and ad inventory. In one interface magazines can manage their current and pending advertisers and customize their ad inventory to get even more ad revenue.


How does it work?

Get started with Kickadss

With Kickadss magazines are able to sell their online & print ads directly from their own website.

When starting out the magazine can specify their ad inventory in the Kickadss Dashboard. For the display ads they can either create new ad spaces or connect with their existing ones. For ad inventory in print the publisher need to specify the issue and ad specs for their advertisers.


Get started selling

The Ad Shop is where advertisers can create and purchase ad campaigns. For display ads the Ad Shop will be placed below the ad spaces that are integrated with Kickadss. By pressing 'Book Ad Spot' the Ad Shop will be opened directly on the publishers website.

For Print the Ad Shop can be sent directly to the advertisers where they can upload ad creatives, select ad unit and directly place a order.

Connect with advertisers

When the Ad Shop is set up you can enable your advertisers to easily create and purchase their ad campaigns directly from you.


Accept or Decline Advertisers

You will always have the final control over your advertisers. In the Dashboard you can easily get a overview of your pending advertisers and accept or decline them.

If you decline the ad campaign it will be canceled and no money is transfered from the advertiser. If accepted you will receive you ad earnings when the ad campaign is finished.

check Accept or Decline Advertisers

You always have full control on your advertisers by accepting or declining their ad campaigns in your Dashboard.

dev Connect with existing ads

Use Kickadss with your existing display spaces and start selling that space directly from your website.

calender Manually add advertisers

In the Kickadss Dashboard you are able to create ad campaign directly onto any of your integrated ad spaces.

stack Backfill ads

Use your own backfill solution with our easy set up in the Dashboard, feel the freedom.

money Get more revenue

With our simple pricing you can either pay with a commission or get all of your ad revenue.

trends Ad statistics

Don't worry about statistics, in the dashboard you will get a full overview of your ads.